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Cargo handling and storage of goods for ship consignments and railway consignation, container stuffing and development of special layouts for oversized cargo, securing cargo and stowage of goods on pallets, cargo packaging, marking and labeling of transport containers, customs declaration and customs clearance of cargo for import/export and transit.

Consulting for importers and importers. Experienced professional managers, who know in detail the process of handling of any kind of cargo, are on the staff of our Company.
We value our customers and we optimize the freight schemes while working with road transport, containers and railways. While working with us you shall be always assured in quality of the cargo handling and in safety of your goods.

We perform transportation of new cars in containers with safe stowage and fastening. We possess rather special skills in stuffing containers with tires: this allows us to load to a container 30-40% more tires than any of the known standards proclaims.