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Certificate of Origin is a document that certifies the country of origin of goods, which is issued either by the Chamber of Commerce of the exporting country or by any other state body, authorized to do so in conformity with the national legislation.

Certificate of Origin Form A is adopted within the framework of GSP (Generalized System of Preferences) by a number of states to identify the types of goods (in exporting to these countries, the Certificate Form A is issued): Austria, Spain, Slovakia, Australia, Canada, USA, Belgium, Luxembourg, Turkey, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Finland, Hungary, New Zealand, France, Germany, Norway, Czech Republic, Greece, United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Yugoslavia, Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Poland.

Angola Loading Certificate: in shipping cargoes to Angola, it is necessary to issue this Certificate immediately upon the registration of the Bill of Lading. The Certificate contains a summary data on shipment, such as: importing company, shipping company, denomination of cargo, vessel, ports of shipment and destination. The Certificate is issued on the stationary form of the National Shipper’s Council of Angola and must be attached without fail to every commercial Bill of Lading.

The fee for issuing such a Certificate is charged for the stationary form, plus – for each separate container declared in the Bill of Lading. In case of transporting in Full Shipload Lots, the fee for the Certificate is charged on the basis of the actual cargo weight declared in the Bill of Lading.